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Holden » Holden VZ UTE 2005

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Holden-Holden VZ UTE 2005 Tuning Pictures

Holden Holden VZ UTE 2005 Pictures
Holden-Holden VZ UTE 2005 Tuning Holden-Holden VZ UTE 2005 Tuning

Holden Holden VZ UTE 2005 Tuning Modifications
Exterior Tuning » debadged all around, flared and rolled guards    Interior Tuning » full black leather    Security Tuning » standerd 6 stack woth pioneer 6inches, standerd alarm and a few gunz and knifes    Chip Tuning » alloytec motor,700hp fuel pump k n n filter    Transmission Tuning » 6 speed manual    Suspension Tuning » adjustable springz lowerd 3.5inches at the rear and 2.5inches at the front with monroe shockz    Brake Tuning » 4 pot brakes    Wheel Tuning » 19 inch dolce dc12    Tyre Tuning » bridge stone 235/45 low proz all around